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Electric Muscle Stimulation

  What is Electric Muscle Stimulation?


EMS fitness is a new way of activating muscles. With it you can activate up to 350 muscles at the same time.

With EMS New 3RD Generation Revolution equipment you will achieve desired results with 20 minutes training, only twice a week.


20 minutes = 4 hours at the gym 

* The metabolism and muscle growth are activated.

* The general body tension increases. You feel fit.

* The blood circulation is stimulated. You feel active.

* The circulation of the lymph is activated. You feel healthy.

Personal Trainer

Experienced Personal Trainer to put you through your moves. Individually planned sessions to meet YOUR goals.

Partner Training

You and a partner together with an experienced Personal Trainer. Support a friend / partner.

Few of the Benefits

Reach your goals : Lose weight, have a better physique, strengthen your muscles, keep in good shape, or just recover from an operation or injury.

How does it work?

The EMS training stimulates all the muscles in your body by using electric impulses. These impulses create a muscle contraction in such intensity that it is impossible for you to generate the same amount of intensity by lifting weights or doing any other traditional training. The EMS training works on 90% of your body with an extreme intensity, however; it does not damage your joints at all.


Live Monitoring You will be able to follow up your physiological parameters like calorie burn, heart rate, efficiency during the session

Push Your Limits Forward


Quality Equipments

3rd Generation EMS

Healthy nutrition plan

We will help you plan meals and snacks.

Unique to your needs

What are YOUR goals?>

Private training

Train in PRIVATE

Training offered 7 Days per week

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Train 1 or 2 Week

Sessions – Pay per session

Monthly – Pay monthly

Contract: 3,6,12 months

Couples Sessions

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What are your goals?





Weight controlling, beauty and vitality!  Better results in less time! 

Visible weight loss and muscle definition in only 20 minutes a week! As you are losing weight with the training, you are also getting in a better shape.



A complete and incredibly intense training that works on 90% of your muscles. 

EMS is already an excellent and complete exercise by itself….but it can also be used as an effective complementary training to other sports in order to improve the performance of athletes.



Gentle with your joints in such a way that you can work your muscles, including pelvic muscles, in a safe way. It also stimulates the blood circulation!  EMS training is used in an effective way in the rehabilitation after injuries and operations, and afterwards to stay in good shape at any age and to reduce or even completely eliminate back pain.


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